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November 2021 Intuitive Horoscopes

November 2021 intuitive horoscopes and spiritual guidance videos on YouTube 


I’ve been getting so many signs to make astrological horoscope videos on YouTube that I just had to do it! Then I was really surprised what happened – each video has a spiritual teaching. My guides were up to something! I very much feel this was a way to get me to put spiritual videos on YouTube that are palatable for the masses.


If you would like to watch any or all of the 12 quick videos, you can ask your higher self and spirit guides: Which video has a message for me? Trust your intuition, as it may not be the video for your star sign. Often I ask my spirit team a question and then I get directed to a YouTube video for the answer, so I know that this works!


I will be doing more videos of different types, so subscribe to my YouTube channel and click on the notification bell so you’ll know when new content is available.


I hope you find these intuitive horoscopes helpful and please let me know if you have any ascension or spiritual questions that I can answer in future videos.



Merkaba Molly

Merkaba Molly is a Divine channel and spiritual teacher offering intuitive guidance, high frequency energy healing, intuitive life coaching and mentoring.