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Merkaba Molly

Intuitive Coach
Energy Healer
Spiritual Teacher
Angel Communicator
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Guidance & healing
More than half of my life has been dedicated to spiritual growth and teaching others - it is my passion and my purpose. I understand the ups and downs as we walk our path back towards wholeness and authenticity. I also understand how wonderful soul growth can be. My spirit team and I are here to support you on your path with intuitive coaching, energy healing and regression therapy
Intuitive Studies

Receiving Song Messages

March 9, 2020

Song messages are one of the clearest ways my guides communicate with me. I remember back in my twenties I had an Oasis song pop into my head and thou...

Soul Growth

Coronavirus – Choose Love not Fear

March 8, 2020

Coronavirus has sparked a fear of survival. Survival is the concern of our base chakra, which sits at the base of the spine. So the saying β€˜shit scare...

Energy Reports

Upgrading to the LOVE frequency

December 17, 2019

I channelled this message from my spirit team on 17 December 2019:Our energy bodies are being upgraded to attune to the vibrational frequency of LOVE....

Soul Growth

Self-Love – The Greatest Love of All

September 10, 2019

My spirit guides often give me messages by putting songs into my mind. I usually will hear a melody or one chorus and try to figure out the song. They...

My Story

Why Merkaba?

February 21, 2019

My working name, Merkaba Molly was gifted to me by my spirit guides.


Going for a walk I saw this artwork on a tree. The energy right now is sublime, like a warm bath. I feel supported. Last night I channelled this: "rivers flow, dust falls". Go with the flow, let the old drop away. Be in a place of no judgment. The power of NOW.

Going for a wal...

I got this song in my head when I woke up today. Looking forward to whatever it is my guides are hinting is coming πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† #songmessages #spirit #higherdimensions #5D #intuition #intuitivecoach #spiritual #ascensionenergies #merkaba #merkabah #merkabamolly #lightworkers

I got this song...

Strong, empowered and connected to source #divinefeminine

Strong, empower...