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Merkaba Molly
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Intuitive Guidance | Psychic Readings | Channelled Energy Healing | Intuitive Life Coaching | Intuitive Development | Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Regression 

Spiritual Transformation

Find the clarity and confidence to move forward in your life. Take your relationships to a higher frequency of love.

Release stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, past-life wounds, core wounds and energy blocks and feel lighter and happier.

Shift your consciousness and manifest the life you truly desire. Develop your intuition and connect with guides and angels.


  • The energy healing session that I had with you was incredibly powerful… I feel like I have made a breakthrough.
  • Molly’s intuitive guidance sessions were insightful and spot on for my journey. Her style is down to earth and practical, so Molly’s advice is really helpful in grounding the spiritual insights into the day to day living.
  • Molly is very authentic and her messages are coming in clear as she is a clean channel. I would recommend anyone who is looking for some gentle intuitive guidance to book in with Molly.
  • It was great to meet you and thanks again for my energy session, it was just perfect. Exactly what I needed and I am still blown away by how really connected we all are. It was so spot on. A very deep experience!
  • I feel more confident and assertive… I’ve started writing music again!
Merkaba Molly - Psychic Medium Healer

The merkaba is a sacred geometric 3D star, which is part of our light body, activated for ascension.

  • Namaste
  • I'm Merkaba Molly

Thank you for visiting my website. I am a divine channel, messenger for spirit, multidimensional healer and spiritual teacher.

I have been on the spiritual path for more than 20 years, as a yoga teacher, energy healer and intuitive guide. Read more

My divine mission is to guide seekers in ascension and spiritual transformation via personal sessions, group classes, my blog and videos. 

Soul Alchemy 90-minute sessions for deep healing, soul growth & transformation. Customised for your needs, including intuitive guidance, spiritual intuitive life coaching and channelled energy healing from angels and master healer guides. Learn more 

Intuitive Guidance 60-minute sessions including psychic reading and channelled messages. Offering clarity, direction and spiritual guidance – love, life, career & purpose. Learn more

Past-Life Regression 2-hour sessions offering healing of past life wounds that affect you in this life, and understanding life lessons and soul contracts. Learn more

Spiritual Regression 4-hour sessions in which you recall life between lives and learn your life purpose, meet your soul group and receive messages from spirit guides. Learn more

Intuitive Development Personal and group spiritual mentoring to help awaken and deepen intuition and psychic gifts. Learn more

Spiritual Classes Spiritual Circle and special workshops via Zoom. Learn more


Ascension Energy Report


Spiritual articles by Merkaba Molly
Ascension Energy Reports

Ascension Energy: Letting Go of Past & Moving Forward

October 15, 2021

We’ve had strong ascension energies this year, but since August I would say they’ve been non-stop and powerful! (You can read my August ascension ener...

Ascension Energy Reports

Self-Care For Ascension Symptoms

August 21, 2021

Ascension energies can be very strong and overwhelming for the body, however self-care practices can reduce the side effects.Try these ideas:WATERDrin...