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Merkaba Molly

Psychic Channel
Energy Healer
Spiritual Teacher
Regression Therapist
Yoga Teacher

Merkaba Molly
I am devoted to my mission as a Divine psychic channel offering guidance, healing and teachings from the higher dimensions.

More than half of my life has been dedicated to spiritual growth and teaching others. I understand the ups and downs as we remember our way back to wholeness and authenticity. I also understand how wonderful soul growth can be. I am a psychic channel with a strong connection to spirit in the higher dimensions. I am here to support you with channelled guidance, energy healing, regression therapy and spiritual classes. 

Over two decades of yoga, meditation, reiki, qigong and other healing modalities have made me a grounded channel.


My guides gave me the name Merkaba Molly and showed me my destined path as a spiritual teacher and healer.

My Story

Guidance for Sacred Partners & Twin Flames

October 29, 2020

Archangel Michael is with me often – I both call on him and he appears when I ask for help in general. I channelled this information from my guides an...

Intuitive Studies

New Online Spiritual Circle

September 9, 2020

I invite you to join my weekly spiritual circle online, which I am hosting as support for those on the path of soul growth, intuitive development and ...

My Story

Drawing The Line On Unsolicited Advice

September 9, 2020

A few years ago I learned a major lesson for myself: don’t give unsolicited advice and don’t accept unsolicited advice.At the time, I was going throug...

My Story

Soul Transference Among Divine Counterparts

September 7, 2020

My psychic gifts include empathy – known as clairsentience, clear feeling – so I am not new to feeling a person’s emotions or body pains when giving t...