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Ascension Energy Reports, My Story

We’ve had strong ascension energies this year, but since August I would say they’ve been non-stop and powerful! (You can read my August ascension energy report here).


In September I noticed the ascension energy was supporting us to let go of the past and to move forward into unknown territory. Have you been feeling the pull to start something new or to finally step into your life mission?


Letting Go of the Past

Since I was young I received guidance via dreams and I’ve become pretty good at understanding dream meanings. In the case of letting go of the past, notice if you have dreams about baggage – carrying luggage, packing your house up, collecting your things or losing your things or deciding to leave it all behind – this is all symbolic of your emotional baggage and how you are currently relating to it.


If your dream shows you packing up a house and the job feels like it will never end – you’re not coping too well with your emotional baggage, there’s a lot and it needs to go! Meanwhile, leaving your luggage on the train and walking away either means you are guided to detach from your past or you have already done this and your spirit team is celebrating.


Moving Forward in Your Life

Notice the feelings in your dreams – this will explain a lot. Moving forward into unchartered territory can feel scary. Often dream symbols regarding travel will come up – planes, trains, bicycles, cars, walking, running. Notice if you miss the plane and feel frazzled, or you arrive at the train station confused about which train to take. Sometimes we feel unprepared for what is next but we are being urged to step forward regardless.


Recently I had a dream that I was riding a bike through a tunnel. The bicycle can represent balance and the tunnel is a transition to another stage. It felt good, and I noticed I didn’t have much luggage!


We are being guided to let go of our attachment to the past, and if that means doing healing work on past relationships and trauma, that’s what we must do. I am here to support you with energy healing, past-life regression, intuitive guidance and spiritual life coaching – often we need the help of another to move through these heavy layers of energy.

soul alchemy: healing growth transformation

Declutter Your Home, Too!

During these recent ascension energies I was feeling motivated to do a cull of books and belongings that no longer had resonance for me. I do this every year, but this time I went as far as understanding that the person I was when I bought those books is a very different person today. I sold a collection of books I had never gotten around to reading and felt a weight lifted immediately.


Earlier this week I was thinking about the state of my home and heard from my guides “your home is an extension of yourself” – self-care extends to your physical surrounds also. I will remember this guidance and take good care of my home – I know that when my house is clean and tidy I enjoy being in it more.


Decluttering and home organising are current on-trend topics – you can find TV series such as Marie Kondo offering practical advice on getting started and staying motivated. I love the “Minimalism” documentary on Netflix, which speaks of owning less and being happier – something to consider!

Watch my Ascension Energy Report video for more on the current energies and guidance for us.


Ascension Energy Reports, Uncategorized

Ascension energies can be very strong and overwhelming for the body, however self-care practices can reduce the side effects.

Try these ideas:

Drink filtered water and more than usual during strong energies (you may notice you are more thirsty)

Intuitively observe required dietary changes (read my blog about ascension dietary changes)

Practice meditation and yoga nidra relaxation

Spend time in nature to ground your energy

Sleep when you need to, as you may be more tired

Take a bath with Epsom salts to clear your energy field

Belly breathing and other pranayama practices from yoga (read my blog about yoga breathing)

Energy healing to clear and balance your energy body – check out my sessions

For more blogs about ascension, see my ascension energy reports


Ascension Energy Reports, Uncategorized
I felt called to write this energy report for August as there seems to be some major shifts occurring. On Monday 16 August I posted a photo of the sun on my Instagram and shared that I felt pulled to sit in the sun a lot that day. Light codes come through the sun’s rays and can activate our energy body for different types of ascension growth.

On Thursday 19 August my blogs about ascension symptoms got the most reads ever! These are blogs are usually the most popular of all my posts but on this particular day they skyrocketed! Obviously people are experiencing ascension symptoms and are seeking understanding.

At the start of the month we had the Lion’s Gate Portal – an annual energetic opening starting on July 28, culminating on August 8 and ending on August 12. Many people said they had big changes during this year’s Lion’s Gate – whether it was life decisions, lightning bolts of awareness or epiphanies or the motivation to move forward out of stuckness. It feels like the ascension energies will continue to come in strong for the remainder of August. 

As you will read in my previous ascension blog posts, energies can have a theme such as opening the heart and releasing old pain or can be attunements such as third-eye psychic gifts being revealed. People can be awakened spiritually in a snap! 

Ascension symptoms can be experienced by a collective – a group of similarly paced individuals – or can be experienced as an individual undergoing specific attunements for their path (particularly in the case of lightworkers with divine missions). 

The main advice I offer is to practice self-care during these spikes in energies – read my ascension symptom self-care guide here. When you are feeling incoming ascension energy, allow yourself to receive it by setting that intention. Breathing deeply will help!

I highly recommend energy work to balance your energy body after significant ascension shifts. I offer these services online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime. I can also channel guidance around the experiences you have had, your life purpose and other questions you might be seeking answers for. Higher dimensional help is available to us all!

Ascension Energy Reports, Soul Growth
The current ascension energies are supporting heart chakra clearing and heart awakening (opening) for the collective.

On the night of Easter Sunday I heard an insistent song message in my head: “clear the way, clear the way”. The lyrics are from a kirtan song about Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god who removes obstacles on the spiritual path (read my blog about him).


That same morning I woke up with similar lyrics looping in my head: “it’s falling away, it’s falling away” – an Alex Lloyd song called Gender, which talks about societal conformity. Okay, so my spirit guides were wanting to tell me something!

past life regression therapy

I tuned in to receive the message my Star Team had been hinting at all day: our hearts are having a big energetic clearing and fear is falling away. I pulled cards from two different oracle decks and both cards had pictures of creatures with wings lifted for take-off – a hummingbird representing joy and a unicorn representing emotional freedom (see images below). This feeling of freedom is around the corner for many of us who are having our hearts open wider as old emotions, beliefs and unhelpful energy imprints are cleared.



A few days later I sat in a park enjoying the morning sun and noticed two teenaged brothers sitting on a bench nearby. I watched them get up and the eldest assist the younger boy, then they linked elbows and walked off. Just this simple act of love between brothers had me crying behind my sunglasses.


As people walked by I was hearing from my Star Team that we all need human connection – we are wired for physical touch, that the separation that Covid19 brought into our communities needs to be restored and we need to open our hearts again, and let go of any fear.


I was surprised by my sudden tears, but it made sense the next day when I became aware of my heart undergoing energy healing – this time without any effort of my own, assisted by my guides and angels. All I had to do was let it happen.



I had a similar experience of ascension symptoms last September, which I called an expansion of the heart and a clearing of painful emotions to allow for self-worth – read the blog. Heart awakening for most of us does not seem to be achieved in one go. I’ve had many heart-opening experiences over the years and each time I go through this kind of “tune-up”, my vibration shifts upwards – it’s absolutely palpable, both in how I feel and how I react to the world – my perception shifts too.


My rising vibration also means that I no longer align with some people. I’ve learned over many years to let this be and not allow emotional attachments to keep me stuck in a loop. Sometimes those friends shift in vibration later and we come back into alignment, but often it’s a case of new friendships coming in at a higher frequency. So don’t despair if this is happening to you – just let everything unfold naturally.


I truly marvel at the process of heart awakening – it is gentle and nurturing, timed perfectly with an individual’s unique soul growth. From my own experience, I can tell you that the guidance I receive from my Star Team helps me to make the most of the ascension energies and to stay on track in my spiritual development. For example, during our winter months of lockdown I was personally guided to do intensive forgiveness work and to release emotions that had been suppressed, then a couple of months later the heart expansion came and I was ready for it.



Currently the guidance coming through for many of my clients is around self-love. In one intuitive guidance session I was shown an image in my mind of a body with cracks down the centre with the glowing Divine light shining outwards. The guides were telling us that self-love is already within us – it’s just waiting to be felt. This client was asked to do her forgiveness work and heart healing to reveal that self-love which would be very important for her going forward in her Divine mission.


In 2019 I wrote a blog about self-love when my guides used the Whitney Houston song, Greatest Love Of All to convey an important message: “Because the greatest love of all is happening to me / I found the greatest love of all inside of me / The greatest love of all is easy to achieve / Learning to love yourself it is the greatest love of all”.


One of the biggest lessons of life, if not the biggest lesson, is to learn to love yourself. I feel that we’d be a lot happier and kinder to each other if we had healthy self-love. And this is where we are headed!


In December 2019 I was very excited to channel a clear and strong message about our transcendence into the love frequency. As I type this, I’m hearing that despite the difficulties of Covid19 last year, we did well in preparing for this frequency upgrade. If anything, we have become more resilient!


Certainly, people awakened during Covid19 lockdowns around the world. And my blog posts about ascension symptoms are some of the most popular on my website. So many of us are seeking answers to what is happening at both a personal and a grander scale. Ascension is an interesting topic and is constantly changing. I am grateful to have guides who inform me of what’s happening with the energy, so that I can share that guidance with you.



Ascension energies can be very strong and overwhelming for the body, however self-care practices can reduce the side effects. Try these ideas:


  • Drink filtered water and more than usual during strong energies (you may notice you are more thirsty)
  • Intuitively observe required dietary changes (read my blog about ascension dietary changes)
  • Practice meditation and yoga nidra relaxation
  • Spend time in nature to ground your energy
  • Sleep when you need to, as you may be more tired
  • Take a bath with Epsom salts to clear your energy field
  • Belly breathing and other pranayama practices from yoga (read my blog about yoga breathing)
  • Energy healing to clear and balance your energy body – check out my sessions