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Energy Healing for Animals

Animal energy healing offers a natural and holistic way to support your beloved pet’s wellbeing. It is very helpful for their health, emotional and psychological issues. Animals love energy healing!


Pets, like humans, suffer from anxiety, grief, sadness and depression. Energy healing helps remove energy blocks such as stuck emotions.


Energy healing boosts health and is especially helpful for when an animal is going through an illness or recovering from an accident or surgery.



Animal energy healing is deeply comforting for senior pets who are getting ready to pass over the rainbow bridge.


Animal healing sessions are done by distance energy healing so your pet may remain in the comfort of your home. Sessions online are just as effective as in-person. During the session we will connect via Skype, Facetime or WhatsApp.  

Restoring balance

Like humans, animals have an energy body and chakras. Your pet’s energy body can become imbalanced through trauma, environment or situations that create disharmony, for example.

Energetic imbalances can show up as physical, mental or emotional symptoms in your pet.

Energy healing helps to bring the energy body back into harmony through clearing any blockages and balancing the chakras. 

Channelled Energy Healing
Merkaba Molly began her journey as an energy healer in 2003 with training in Reiki and shortly afterwards Qi Gong. Later she fully realised her gifts as a channel for higher dimensional spirit incuding angels and master healing guides. Read more

Energy healing brings an animal's energy body into balance.


  • I took my dog Sascha to the vet this morning for her fortnightly weigh-in and she’s put on almost half a kilo! She had stayed at the same weight for a long time and the thyroid powder didn’t seem to be working. Thanks to you, she’s now back on track to regain the weight she has lost. I told the vet that we’d seen you last week and he said: “Well, whatever you’re doing, keep it up!” Thank you so much again for helping my beautiful Sascha.
  • Thanks so much for seeing Tofu (18-year-old cat). Tofu is walking around so much more smoothly and his eyes look clearer — he seems more like his old self and was taking turns cuddling up to everyone last night. I'd love it if you can keep helping Tofu.