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Transformation with Merkaba Molly

  I am here to serve as a bridge to spirit and empower you in your spiritual ascension of consciousness. I work as a channel with my Star Team, angels and master healer guides offering guidance, healing and coaching to help you remember your soul essence and bring your life into flow and fulfillment.

Intuitive Guidance | Psychic Readings | Channelled Energy Healing Intuitive Life Coaching | Intuitive Development | Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Regression 


Get a higher perspective on life with messages of healing and guidance from spirit guides and angels.

+ Clarity about life decisions

+ Steps to move forward

+ Love & family relationships

+ Career, life purpose, divine mission

+ Spiritual path, ascension

+ Empaths, starseeds, lightworkers


Feel lighter and happier in mind, body and soul with channelled energy healing (Soul Alchemy) and Past-Life Regression.

+ Stress, anxiety, exhaustion

+ Grief, loss, heartbreak

+ Removal of energy blocks

+ Inner-child & core wound healing

+ Healing of past-life trauma

+ Ascension upgrades, transmissions


Receive empowering support for your growth in consciousness and to align with your soul’s divine life plan.

+ Achieve your dreams with Intuitive Life Coaching in Soul Alchemy sessions 

+ Receive guidance and upgrades in Divine Love Support sessions

+ Deepen your intuition and connect to spirit with Intuitive Development sessions

Praise from clients
Soul Alchemy sessions offer deep healing, soul growth and transformation. Each 90-minute session will be customised for your soul's needs. I use a combination of my gifts, techniques and skills, as described below. Special package deals are available for ongoing support so you may achieve your desired outcomes. Also see Past-Life & Spiritual Regression.
Channelled Energy Healing

  Available in Soul Alchemy sessions only.  

I work with angels and master healer guides, channelling high frequency energy.

  I began work as an energy healer in 2003, with training in Reiki, Qi Gong and Angel Therapy. Read my story

  A session may include: 

    • A frequency upgrade

    • Energy clearing

    • Chakra system rebalance

    • Removal of energy blocks

    • Removal of limiting beliefs

    • Entity/implant removal

    • Healing of energy leakages

    • Cutting of etheric cords

    • Breaking of vows/contracts from past lives

    • Ascension & starseed activations

    • Inner child & past life healing 

  Sessions can be without touch and are fully clothed.

  Suitable for adults and children in the presence of their guardians. Animal energy healing also available.

Intuitive Guidance & Psychic Reading

 Available in 60-minute sessions and Soul Alchemy sessions.

Each session includes psychic reading and channelled messages and guidance from your spirit guides and angels.

  I am a Certified Angel Practitioner and use my gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance to connect with spirit and deliver messages.

  I use oracle cards and tarot as physical validation of the messages coming through.

  Expect practical, loving guidance that empowers you to move forward. 

  Spirit guides often ask me to share the knowledge and wisdom that I have picked up on my spiritual path over the past 20 years, including practical yoga techniques, books and resources that will be useful. 

  Suitable for adults and children in the presence of their guardians.

  Also see: Divine Love Support

  Hire me for Psychic Parties

Divine Love Support

  Available in 90-minute sessions and in Soul Alchemy sessions.  

Support for those on the path of divine love (twin flames, sacred unions, divine counterparts).

  This session offers intuitive guidance and channelled messages specific to your unique situation and/or channelled energy healing to clear your field and upgrade your consciousness.

  The focus is on you and what your spirit team advises.

  This journey is about personal transformation – read my sacred partnership blogs for more on this.

  Praise from clients

  “Molly’s sessions are amazing sources of comfort and guidance, especially for Divine partners! She taps into you and your partner’s energy and lovingly channels messages that you need to hear.

  Her gentle nature is soothing for these messages, and she’ll continue asking questions and offering guidance until you’re satisfied you have what you need.

  Molly’s intuition is spot-on, and I always return to her when I need help seeing things from that higher perspective. Thank you, Molly, for your gifts and your guidance!” – Susan

Intutitive Life Coaching

    Available in Soul Alchemy sessions.

   This is life coaching with a difference! I combine spiritual coaching techniques with my psychic gifts and energy healing to offer a holistic solution.

  Some clients come to me with a goal in mind, perhaps something they want that has been a challenge to achieve. Other clients want to change their life but are unsure where to begin. You may not know why you are drawn to intuitive life coaching – that’s fine too!

  We can get the higher perspective from your guides about what direction your path can go in, and then ask what needs to be released. 

  Limiting beliefs and trauma from current and past lives can get in the way, but my energy healing can remove them.

  Next we get practical steps forward from your guides and I will help you stay accountable.

  As you move forward, any further blocks or inner resistance that comes up can be addressed in the same way.

  You can choose how often we meet. Save with the 3 Pack deal.

Intuitive Development

  Available in 60 minute sessions and Soul Alchemy sessions.  

Awaken your intuition and psychic gifts through a variety of practices, using tools such as oracle cards, pendulums and crystals.

  Learn how to connect to and receive messages from spirit guides and angels.

  Experience high frequency energy healing, Qi Gong and Angel Therapy.

  Learn practices to enhance your intuition, including meditation, Yoga Nidra, pranayama yoga breathing.

  Private sessions customised to your needs. 

Have your session on location in Enmore (see covid notice) or online from the comfort of your home. Sessions online are just as effective as in-person. I serve clients across Australia and globally via Zoom, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp.