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About Me

Spiritual practices drew me in from my early twenties: I was lucky to find yoga, meditation, reiki and qi gong. I have always been guided to the teachers I needed, and looking back, the path was well organised for soul growth. My intuitive gifts were always there, but these practices gave me the tools to develop myself as a clear and grounded channel. 

Over the years my healing techniques have strengthened with practice, and the greatest change came when I began to allow spirit to work through me. Now, whether I’m channeling guidance or energy, I step aside and let the guides come through. Every time, I’m amazed at what happens. 

My spirit team has a good sense of humour and gave me the name Merkaba Molly. In sacred geometry, the merkaba is a 3D six-pointed star and its name means: Mer = Light; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Body. I act as a messenger between light-bodies in etheric realms and humans on earth. 

As a teacher of yoga, meditation and intuitive studies, I also have plenty of wisdom to share, and often in a session, the guides will ask me to reference these tools to help clients. 

I am very grateful to be in alignment with my purpose and Divine mission and I hope to work with you soon!

Merkaba Molly

I channel guidance from your spirit team specific to you. My work is not about predictions but about practical guidance to live your best life.


  • Molly's guidance has been such a blessing in my life! She channels messages directly from source in order to deliver the guidance meant specifically for me.
    Karen, Baltimore, USA
  • Thanks again for my session yesterday, it was just perfect. Exactly what I needed and I am still blown away by how really connected we all are. It was so spot on. A very deep experience!
    Stacey, Sydney, Australia
  • The session that I had with you was incredibly powerful … I feel like I have made a breakthrough.
    Roisin, Sydney, Australia
  • I feel more confident and assertive… I’ve started writing music again!
    Alasdair, Wollongong, Australia