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My mission

I am very grateful to be in alignment with my soul purpose and divine mission. I know that I could simply NOT ignore my divine life plan: my higher self and spirit team has made sure of that!

My spiritual journey
Spiritual practices drew me in from my early twenties. In 1999 I was lucky to find yoga and meditation, then a few years later, reiki and qi gong.

After much personal deep healing and soul growth I was motivated to help others. It felt natural to begin teaching yoga, giving energy healings and readings and offering past-life regression.

I am a divine channel
Over the past 20 years my energy healing techniques have strengthened with practice, and the greatest change came when I began to allow spirit to work through me.

Now, whether I’m channeling guidance or energy, I step aside and let the guides come through. Every time, I’m amazed at what happens.

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How I got my name
My guides, the Star Team gave me the name Merkaba Molly. In sacred geometry, the merkaba is a 3D six-pointed star and its name means: Mer = Light; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Body.

The merkaba is part of our light body, and is activated when we prepare to move into 5D consciousness. The merkaba is also traditionally considered a “vehicle” to connect to higher dimensional beings such as ascended masters and angels.

My purpose and mission
As my spiritual name suggests, I am a messenger for benevolent lightbeings in higher dimensions, including the archangels.

I am also an energy healer and understand my purpose is to help others clear and upgrade their energy fields for ascension into higher consciousness.

Wisdom to share
As a teacher of yoga, meditation and intuitive studies, I also have plenty of wisdom to share, and often in sessions, the guides will ask me to reference these tools to help clients. 

I hope to see you soon!



Merkaba Molly - Psychic Medium Healer

My growth through trainings...
Certifications I have received:

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (2003), Qi Gong Healing Certificates (2004-2005), IYTA Yoga Teaching Diploma (2007), Rainbow Kids Yoga (2011), Meliae Intuitive Healing (2012), Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (2012), Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (2013), Zenergy Yoga For Children (2013-2014), Certified Angel Practitioner - Charles Virtue (2013), Past Life Therapy Regression Facilitator (2013-2014), Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 2 (2014), Mindfulness .b Teacher (2015).