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About Me

Spiritual practices drew me in from my early twenties: I was lucky to find yoga, meditation, reiki and qi gong. I have always been guided to the teachers I needed, and looking back, the path was well organised for soul growth. My intuitive gifts were always there, but these practices gave me the tools to develop myself as a clear and grounded channel. 

Over the years my energy healing techniques have strengthened with practice, and the greatest change came when I began to allow spirit to work through me. Now, whether I’m channeling guidance or energy, I step aside and let the guides come through. Every time, I’m amazed at what happens. 

My guides, the Star Team gave me the name Merkaba Molly. In sacred geometry, the merkaba is a 3D six-pointed star and its name means: Mer = Light; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Body. I am a messenger for benevolent lightbeings in higher dimensions. 

As a teacher of yoga, meditation and intuitive studies, I also have plenty of wisdom to share, and often in a session, the guides will ask me to reference these tools to help clients. 

I am very grateful to be in alignment with my soul purpose and Divine mission and I hope to work with you soon!

Merkaba Molly

My growth through trainings...
Certifications I have received:

Reiki Levels 1 & 2 (2003), Qi Gong Healing Certificates (2004-2005), IYTA Yoga Teaching Diploma (2007), Rainbow Kids Yoga (2011), Meliae Intuitive Healing (2012), Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (2012), Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (2013), Zenergy Yoga For Children (2013-2014), Certified Angel Practitioner - Charles Virtue (2013), Past Life Therapy Regression Facilitator (2013-2014), Certified Laughter Wellness Teacher Level 2 (2014), Mindfulness .b Teacher (2015).