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Past-Life Regression & Spiritual Regression

Past-Life Regression is the recalling of memories of past lives that are held in our subconscious mind – this can heal current life issues and release emotional energy blocks. Spiritual Regression gives you understanding of your existence as an eternal soul and why you chose your current life. Regression Therapy offers deep healing and soul growth, leaving you with inner knowing of the cycle of life, death and afterlife

Healing the fears, phobias and limiting beliefs that block you from creating a life of purpose, happiness, prosperity and freedom 

Unresolved traumatic events in past lives are held in the soul's energy body and carry into the following lives until resolved. This is what we call karma and it can affect your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your ability to receive the love and abundance you truly deserve. 

Regression Therapy empowers you to heal from within and at the same time gives you a spiritual understanding of life that changes you forever.               

Have your session on location in Enmore, Sydney (a short walk from Newtown) or in the comfort of your home via Skype. Sessions online are just as effective as in-person. 
Past-Life Regression

Performed under the Dr Brian Weiss & Dr Michael Newton methods.

Past-Life Regression

Past-Life Regression is an effective healing therapy for physical, emotional and mental health.  

Spiritually, Past-Life Regression helps us understand life lessons so we may achieve soul growth and come into a state of flow and fulfillment.

Regression Therapy is achieved with guided deep relaxation. I am a certified Regression Therapist and use the Dr Brian Weiss method (see video below).

When you have reached relaxation point I will guide you through past lives that your soul chooses to recall. Read a transcript of a past-life regression.

Reasons why you might try Past-Life Regression: 

Self-awareness: personal development and truly understand yourself

Death of loved ones: understand reincarnation and soul contracts

Relationship difficulties: repeating patterns such as abandonment or betrayal; going through divorce or separation

Phobias and fears: such as drowning, fire, knives, animals, suffocation

Dreams that repeat: including memories of past lives such as a pilot in war

Unexplainable physical sensations: pain, tension and numbness can be linked to injuries and death in past lives

Break karmic cycles: understand why you respond to situations and consciously make choices that resolve karma

Spiritual Regression

Performed under the Dr Michael Newton method.

Spiritual Regression

Spiritual Regression, also known as life betweeen lives regression gives you deep knowing of the afterlife and the higher purpose for your current life.

Recalling memories in the subconscious about your time as a soul during the in-between life stages helps you understand why you have chosen your family, relationships and career. 

You may learn your life purpose, meet your soul group and receive messages from spirit guides. 

Spiritual Regression is based on the work by Dr Michael Newton and the Newton Institute. Read a transcript of a spiritual regression.

Before having this session, I require you to have Past-Life Regression with me – this will prepare you for Spiritual Regression.


  • Molly is patient, thoughtful and reassuring. I had a very opening experience with her and feel a lot lighter and amazing after having seen Molly. She is also very understanding and answered all of my many questions. I would absolutely recommend seeing Molly!
  • It was great to meet you and thanks again for my session, it was just perfect. Exactly what I needed and I am still blown away by how really connected we all are. It was so spot on. A very deep experience!
  • Past-Life Regression stimulated some new understandings about myself. I’ve recognised some thoughts and opinions I may have from the past life.

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