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Intuitive Studies

New Online Spiritual Circle

September 9, 2020

I invite you to join my weekly spiritual circle online, which I am hosting as support for those on the path of soul growth, intuitive development and ...

My Story

Drawing The Line On Unsolicited Advice

September 9, 2020

A few years ago I learned a major lesson for myself: don’t give unsolicited advice and don’t accept unsolicited advice. At the time, I was going ...

My Story

Soul Transference Among Divine Counterparts

September 7, 2020

My psychic gifts include empathy – known as clairsentience, clear feeling – so I am not new to feeling a person’s emotions or body pains when giving t...

Intuitive Studies

Meeting My Friend Ganesha

September 7, 2020

When I was in my mid-20s I went into a gift shop full of eastern Indian things and was intuitively pulled towards the greeting cards. This card (pictu...

Soul Growth

Top 5 Life-Changing Books

September 4, 2020

Here are my top five life-changing books that I recommend for people on a spiritual path. A Return to Love by Marianne WilliamsonThis is a must-r...

Energy Reports

Heart Chakra Expansion

September 4, 2020

Following the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8 August, lightcodes began streaming down to our energy bodies, our merkabas, strongly for days (see my blog about...

Intuitive Studies

Messages In Dreams

August 17, 2020

Dreams are a significant way my guides give me messages, because when I’m asleep, my mind is relaxed and information can be received more easily. ...

Energy Reports

Doctor, I’ve Got Ascension Symptoms…

August 14, 2020

Back in May I was hanging out at home, getting used to hermitage (what others were calling quarantine). I was walking my dog every day but missing out...

Soul Growth

Nonviolent Communication – Peace!

August 11, 2020

When I did Reiki levels one and two back in the early 2000’s, my Reiki master made the comment that as we grow spiritually, the words that we sp...

My Story

Seal Looked At My Instagram Story!

August 10, 2020

Last week I shared a story on my Instagram about my blog on my spiritual path and shortly afterwards I noticed two people had looked at it: a client a...

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Sharing My Story

August 7, 2020

One rainy Sunday at the start of July I was sitting on my couch and thought to myself, how shall I promote my work? I went to Google and started typin...

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It’s All About Remembering

August 2, 2020

I walk into a crystal shop and start browsing. An assistant comes over and asks if I need any help. I quiz him about crystal grids and he explains the...

My Story

Lessons From My Guides: Forgiving & Learning

August 1, 2020

Since June I have been waking up each morning remembering dreams that are simply yuck. Revisiting the traumas of past relationships – it’s much like t...

Intuitive Studies

Why Meditation Is A Necessity

July 29, 2020

What’s one thing you can carry with you anywhere that can help you out during times of distress, grief and worry? A well-heeled meditation practice.&n...

Intuitive Studies

Experience Miracles When Your Higher Self Takes Over

July 20, 2020

A few months ago I experienced something palpably 5D that left me in amazement. I’ve had plenty of psychic metaphysical experiences in my lifetime but...

Intuitive Studies

How Facebook Marketplace Healed Me

July 18, 2020

This past week I have received healing on my throat chakra and it’s all thanks to Facebook Marketplace!Unpacking my belongings when I moved house at t...

Intuitive Studies

Receiving Song Messages

March 9, 2020

Song messages are one of the clearest ways my guides communicate with me. I remember back in my twenties I had an Oasis song pop into my head and thou...

Soul Growth

Coronavirus – Choose Love Not Fear

March 8, 2020

Coronavirus has sparked a fear of survival. Survival is the concern of our base chakra, which sits at the base of the spine. So the saying ‘shit scare...

Energy Reports

Upgrading To The Love Frequency

December 17, 2019

I channelled this message from my spirit team on 17 December 2019:Our energy bodies are being upgraded to attune to the vibrational frequency of LOVE....

Soul Growth

Self-Love – The Greatest Love of All

September 10, 2019

My spirit guides often give me messages by putting songs into my mind. I usually will hear a melody or one chorus and try to figure out the song. They...

Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression – My Soul Was A Knight

September 9, 2019

During one of my trainings in Regression Therapy I was led through a past life regression by a colleague. It was a deeply moving experience for me tha...

My Story

Why Merkaba?

February 21, 2019

My working name, Merkaba Molly was gifted to me by my spirit guides.