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Ascension Energy: Letting Go of Past & Moving Forward

We’ve had strong ascension energies this year, but since August I would say they’ve been non-stop and powerful! (You can read my August ascension energy report here).


In September I noticed the ascension energy was supporting us to let go of the past and to move forward into unknown territory. Have you been feeling the pull to start something new or to finally step into your life mission?


Letting Go of the Past

Since I was young I received guidance via dreams and I’ve become pretty good at understanding dream meanings. In the case of letting go of the past, notice if you have dreams about baggage – carrying luggage, packing your house up, collecting your things or losing your things or deciding to leave it all behind – this is all symbolic of your emotional baggage and how you are currently relating to it.


If your dream shows you packing up a house and the job feels like it will never end – you’re not coping too well with your emotional baggage, there’s a lot and it needs to go! Meanwhile, leaving your luggage on the train and walking away either means you are guided to detach from your past or you have already done this and your spirit team is celebrating.


Moving Forward in Your Life

Notice the feelings in your dreams – this will explain a lot. Moving forward into unchartered territory can feel scary. Often dream symbols regarding travel will come up – planes, trains, bicycles, cars, walking, running. Notice if you miss the plane and feel frazzled, or you arrive at the train station confused about which train to take. Sometimes we feel unprepared for what is next but we are being urged to step forward regardless.


Recently I had a dream that I was riding a bike through a tunnel. The bicycle can represent balance and the tunnel is a transition to another stage. It felt good, and I noticed I didn’t have much luggage!


We are being guided to let go of our attachment to the past, and if that means doing healing work on past relationships and trauma, that’s what we must do. I am here to support you with energy healing, past-life regression, intuitive guidance and spiritual life coaching – often we need the help of another to move through these heavy layers of energy.

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Declutter Your Home, Too!

During these recent ascension energies I was feeling motivated to do a cull of books and belongings that no longer had resonance for me. I do this every year, but this time I went as far as understanding that the person I was when I bought those books is a very different person today. I sold a collection of books I had never gotten around to reading and felt a weight lifted immediately.


Earlier this week I was thinking about the state of my home and heard from my guides “your home is an extension of yourself” – self-care extends to your physical surrounds also. I will remember this guidance and take good care of my home – I know that when my house is clean and tidy I enjoy being in it more.


Decluttering and home organising are current on-trend topics – you can find TV series such as Marie Kondo offering practical advice on getting started and staying motivated. I love the “Minimalism” documentary on Netflix, which speaks of owning less and being happier – something to consider!

Watch my Ascension Energy Report video for more on the current energies and guidance for us.



Merkaba Molly

Merkaba Molly is a Divine channel and spiritual teacher offering intuitive guidance, high frequency energy healing, intuitive life coaching and mentoring.