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Regression Therapy

The following is an edited transcript of an In-between Lives Regression I led a client through. She gives a remarkable account of heaven – the place where souls rest between their lives on earth.

Where are you? In heaven. Why are you in heaven? Because I haven’t been born yet.

What does it look like? It just looks like light, like sunlight but white.

How does it feel?
Like love times a thousand. I feel like my grandmother’s here, from this life.

Can you ask her a question?
She’s trying to console me about coming to earth again, that there’s a lot of work to do.

Is that work you have to do?
That everyone has to do – we’re all in this together. I’m seeing a circle of souls.

Are you seeing your soul group?
I feel like it might be my collective generation, so all those born within a couple of years of my birth, who are helping. We’re just praying for the earth and we are trying to give each other strength to do it, to come back.

Why is it so hard to go back?
Because everyone is so cruel and hateful and angry… confused. I feel like we’re being lined up, kind of like when we go on an airplane, like when you’re going to jump out of an airplane. But this time you’re kind of going out, like on a slide, so you jump down, slide and it’s sort of like those typical movies like “go, go, go”. And I feel a little bit more reassured now because we’re kind of playing a game with it, so we’re seeing our souls as spiritual soldiers, “we can do this together”. It’s sort of like every subsequent generation that comes through after me, it’s like the vibration has changed – we’ve got to be quite hard, maintain our individuality and be quite strong and independent and have a lot of courage to do what we need to do. I think it gets easier with every subsequent generation, so they don’t have to – we need to remember not to take life so seriously as we are, and have a lot more fun with each other and be a lot more forgiving of each other. It’s not a race, you are not competing with anyone except for maybe yourself but the soul wouldn’t even do that – its not about advancement, its purely about expression.

I’m becoming aware of how irrelevant everything is, because the soul is so in charge it’s not funny. So I’m becoming present to the power of each soul, of spirit, and it’s like playing a game that you know you’re always going to win. I think we create more of that duality in the potential of losing a game than what actually does happen, like if you look at the game snakes and ladders – in the Divine game there are no snakes, you don’t go down, you are always going up. So what was I worried about? There’s no way you can lose.

Regression Therapy

During one of my trainings in Regression Therapy I was led through a past life regression by a colleague. It was a deeply moving experience for me that had a huge impact on my life today.

Over the years my yoga and meditation practices had made me acutely aware of the world and its inhabitants as being one and the same. I have a deep connection with animals in this life, and it became even more clear to me when I travelled in the Indian Himalayas in July 2014 and witnessed the Buddhist view of animals: no harm, no attachment. Having this regression shortly after my return from India was the final push towards being true to my own conscience and switching from vegetarian to a 100% vegan lifestyle.

As you will read in the following transcript, the knight feels a deep connection with animals and as I was recalling his life I was seeing pictures in my mind of horses slain on the battlefield. I felt extreme pain in my heart and was sobbing uncontrollably. I understood why not harming animals in this life is so important to me, and why my behaviour and actions reflect that.

Regression transcript:

Can you see the door handle?

It’s a round metal handle hanging off the door.

Is there a number on the door?


Are you able to move through the door? Move through the door and when you get there describe your surroundings

I can see the outside of the building. An old brick building that looks like the outside of a castle – big bricks, grey, it feels round, dirt road.

Are you male or female?

Male. I see silver armour.

How old are you?

I feel 47 like the door number but I don’t know. I’m a man, not a child.

How do you feel about this place where you are?

I feel forlorn.

Is your home nearby, can you go there?

I need to ride a horse there. It’s the barracks and there’s lots of people staying there, soldiers.

How do you feel about this place?

It’s crowded and noisy. A lot of action and macho-ness. I see axes swinging and weapons.

Are there any significant people in this scene you are close to?

I feel different from them, so I feel alone. I’m sensitive and they are very violent and extroverted, loud. I have a little friend on my left side – I got the picture of a monkey, maybe it’s not a monkey but someone who is younger.

How do you feel about this little friend?

He cheers me up, a bit of a clown. I have a feeling I am a knight who is worn out, back from battle and has no energy to deal with others, just sitting on a horse alone. It’s like all the things he’s seen have been so horrific. I see a picture of a horse slain. In this life I feel very connected to animals and I feel very sad about this horse. [sobbing] Humanity can be barbaric, brutal.

How does this make you feel?

[sobbing] Depressed.

Move forward to a significant event in this life. Tell me what’s going on.

I’m old and in bed… in a village. There’s a woman there… she’s an old woman and she’s with me. I see her face is all shrivelled up. There’s something to do with my heart.

Are you dying?

Yes, but it is slow. I got the word ‘mourning’ – he’s grieving. I don’t feel so sad anymore.

Tell me what’s going on.

I feel like an angel came down and took him up, like lifted his soul out of his body.

Ask that person for any messages he may have

Wise warrior, do not hurt others. Be gentle, saviour.

What was the purpose of that lifetime?

To heal. To hurt and to heal. To hurt is a positive to help you understand the other, the opposite.

Are there any other messages for you?

Open up to his fear.

Is there anything else?


Let the spirit go, let him move onto the light.