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Testimonials from clients

Praise and feedback from clients who have had sessions with Merkaba Molly. 
Sessions include: Psychic Reading/Intuitive Guidance, Channelled Energy Healing and Past-Life Regression. Click here to book your appointment

"Thanks for another practical and supportive session"

I was at a crossroads and really appreciated Molly's support and holding the space for me to explore my creative energies. And more importantly, she made me aware of taking actions! I am still swimming through my "stuff" but noting the key messages from the session and will take action! 
"She was highly intuitive"

I had a wonderful 90 min session with Molly. I could resonate with all the messages that she received from the guardian angels and spirits regarding my situation. Her insights and guidance helped me to channel my inner guidance to achieve where I want to be. I am looking forward to having a past-life regression session with Molly soon. 
"She was absolutely spot on"

I had a one hour reading with beautiful Molly. She was absolutely spot on and could give me answers to all my questions. I highly recommend having a reading wth Molly. 
Thanks for yesterday’s healing and protection for the vaccine. 
Today I’m feeling great after that vaccine.
"The messages she shared from her guides along with her own insight was valuable"

After looking for a psychic healer in Sydney, I came across Molly's online presence. After a bit of communication with Molly, checking out her website and Youtube, within a few days I felt ready to book a Soul Alchemy session. Molly is very professional, and her calm, grounded, demeanour was very soothing to me. In the healing part of the session, I became very relaxed in a trance like state. I could feel different sensations in my body as energy was being shifted. If I need support again in the future I will be happy to have another session with Molly! 
"I feel amazing after the sessions"

Molly brings powerful transformative space for deep trauma healing at a cellular level.
"Past-Life Regression stimulated some new understandings about myself. I’ve recognised some thoughts and opinions I may have from the past life." 
"Molly’s sessions were insightful and spot on for my journey"

I reached out to Molly at multiple times. Her style is down to earth and practical, so Molly’s advice is really helpful in grounding the spiritual insights into the day to day living. I really enjoyed her lighthearted approach and I feel so much kindness and am grateful for the supportive space she provided. I am so glad that I was able to join her classes on developing intuition, as it was also a space for healing and reconnecting to source for me, which I am so grateful for.
"I feel like I have made a breakthrough!"

The energy healing session that I had with you was incredibly powerful.
"Thanks to Molly's guidance, I was finally able to take the leap of faith and share my art skills with the world, bringing me so many amazing things"

The universe will often guide us to certain places and people, and Molly was one of these people that I was lucky to cross paths with. Molly, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts and for being such an amazing addition on my journey! Many blessings to you!
"I had more clarity after our call and knew which action steps to take"

I had a beautiful 90-minute session with Molly. She was able to give me valuable advice and guidance.
"Molly helped me with my confidence in getting back into the dating scene after a long relationship ended"

I now feel more capable of finding a suitable partner that matches my needs and desires for a more conscious relationship.
 "I almost instantly felt lighter and happier"

Molly helped me through a situation where I was unable to move on from a previous relationship. The energy healing she did enabled me to cut ties to my ex and move on. It was quite remarkable the way it happened so quickly after the healing – the very next day things beyond my control occurred to sever those ties with my ex.
"Molly’s guidance sessions have been such a blessing in my life!"

She is incredibly gifted at connecting to her guides and angels in a clear, grounded way. Molly doesn’t just read the cards... she channels messages directly from source in order to deliver the guidance meant specifically for me at the very moment in my life that I need it. She is a divine messenger and has something very important to tell you. Book her.
"Her reading gave me the guidance that my inner self was longing to affirm in that moment"

Molly is an inspiring intuitive. I found her guidance very informative to the present moment and events in my life with love, career and family. I love how Molly works, after working with many intuitive healers, Molly is very authentic and her messages are coming in clear as she is a clean channel. I would recommend anyone who is looking for some gentle intuitive guidance to book in with Molly again and again. I look forward to sit with her again for more guidance from the angels and ancestors.
"It was so spot on"

It was great to meet you and thanks again for my energy healing session, it was just perfect. Exactly what I needed and I am still blown away by how really connected we all are. A very deep experience!
"I feel more confident and assertive"

I’ve started writing music again!
"Molly’s intuition is spot-on, and I always return to her when I need help seeing things from that higher perspective"

Molly’s sessions are amazing sources of comfort and guidance, especially for divine partners! She taps into you and your partner’s energy and lovingly channels messages that you need to hear. Her gentle nature is soothing for these messages, and she’ll continue asking questions and offering guidance until you’re satisfied you have what you need.  Thank you, Molly, for your gifts and your guidance!
"I had a very opening experience with her"

Molly is patient, thoughtful and reassuring. I feel a lot lighter and amazing after having seen Molly. She is also very understanding and answered all of my many questions. I would absolutely recommend seeing Molly!
"She never disappointed with what needed to be addressed"

I had my energy healing session with Molly last year and returned for another session with physical symptoms. I highly recommended her professional service!
"Shout out to Molly, who channelled some really amazing guidance for me"
Very triggering (in a good way) but 100% resonance and I now have a very concrete action plan for how to heal some very deep-seated wounds. Highly recommend getting a session with Molly if you feel called to.