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Song messages are one of the clearest ways my guides communicate with me. I remember back in my twenties I had an Oasis song pop into my head and thought, ‘that’s so uncanny, it perfectly fits what I’m going through right now’. At the time I didn’t realise it was my spirit team, but I did recognise it as magical.
Now I get song messages for myself daily, and they come when I’m doing intuitive coaching sessions for others too. Song lyrics are great for spirit communication because they have meaning that can convey a situation with depth and feeling. I am truly in awe of songwriters for capturing emotions in lyrics that our spirit guides can then use for talking to us!
For me there are two main ways my guides work with songs:

Hearing a song in my head
I hear the melody/or lyrics in my head. Often it will start with just the melody. My guides mostly use songs that I have in my collection and occasionally ones that I don’t own but have heard before.

Outside of your head
This would be in the case that the radio, TV or iPod, for example, is playing a song. My attention is drawn to listen carefully – it’s like the volume has been turned up extra loud. My guides have a way of shining a light on something they want me to hear or see.

Weird but true:
Sometimes my teeth will start chattering a melody. Whatever works!

Channelling songs
I have friends who have spontaneously channelled song lyrics – multiple songs in the space of a few days. The intention behind this is slightly different – I feel spirit is wanting to share music that helps people.