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Self-Power & Authenticity: The Solar Plexus Chakra

In this article I share how energy healing and spiritual work can help you step into your self-power and fearlessly show the world your authentic self. You can also watch the accompanying video.

Watch Spiritual Chat 5: Being Your Authentic Self and in Alignment with Your Power on my YouTube channel.

Spiritual Chat 5: Being Your Authentic Self and in Alignment with Your Power. Watch this quick video on my YouTube channel.

Being in alignment with your self-power enables you to be truly authentic. Being authentic is expressing your soul’s essence – and this is where those of us on the spiritual path are asked to shine.


There’s a huge wave of people having spiritual awakenings now and for some there is a feeling of urgency to step onto their divine path. What they discover is that they need to release old wounding, limiting beliefs and energy imprints that are holding them back, particularly when it comes to self-power.


The solar plexus chakra, the third chakra around the belly button, is where we find our self-power and our courage to express ourselves authentically.

Bringing the solar plexus chakra into balance can allow for huge personal transformation. And when this chakra is in harmony we can manifest our life’s purpose and desires.


When the solar plexus is out of balance, we have trouble being authentic, which can cause a feeling of discontent (this feeling helps us know we need to be more authentic in our choices!)

Energy Healing removes limiting beliefs and stuck energy


Sometimes you can work through the issues that are holding you back with shadow work techniques. However, strong energy imprints can be harder to shift and really need energy manipulation by an experienced energy healer such as myself.


The way I work as an energy healer is with master healer guides and angels coming through me as a channel. (You can read my story about how I became an energy healer here.)


My guides show me through my clairvoyant gifts where to work on the body, obstructions to remove, or where to channel healing energy. Sometimes guides and angels are working on the client alongside of me.


Both current life issues and past life issues can cause energy blocks in the chakras, as I will explain with some examples below.



An example of a current life issue that caused a blocked solar plexus follows. I was shown that my client had a lot of self-doubt that came from childhood.


The self-doubt was so strong that it continued to be an influence throughout her adult years and was affecting her career choices.


When I began the energy healing, I clairvoyantly saw the energy block as a tall and wide lump over her belly.


As I worked to remove that heavy stagnant energy, I saw the lid of the lump come off and a dark smoke rise up for quite some time – I asked the guides what the energy was and heard “fear and self-doubt”.


This low-vibrational energy was effectively stopping her from going after her dreams, and lowering her expectations for what she could achieve in her life.


It’s no wonder that she was guided to find me and book an energy healing session. Her guides had been dropping hints everywhere, including feathers falling out of her hair, to grab her attention.


And because she was just awakening to spirituality and the guides were insistent I tell her she had a bigger life purpose, she was more motivated to shift out of the thinking pattern of self-doubt. A whole new path was awaiting her!


Many of my clients are lightworkers and often they find themselves stalled in their path, unable to use their self-power or express themselves and their beliefs due to fear of being ridiculed or worse.


What happened to lightworkers in past lives is absolutely deplorable and it is no wonder we have such difficulty coming out of the closet. But now is a much safer time to use our gifts – and we are needed!


In the following example, fear had such a strong hold on my client that she was having trouble moving forward in her lightworker capacity.


Her self-power had been completely shut down by an authority in a past life – she was simply not allowed to be herself or use her gifts because of the beliefs of others.


Over the course of two energy sessions, the guides, angels and I removed the energy imprints from her field, including a lot of fear held in the kidneys.


Using my clairvoyant gift, I saw a big metal chain wrapped around her ankles and removed it. No wonder she was not able to step forward in her divine mission!


It was now time for my client to take back her power and share her gifts.



As a healer in many lifetimes, in this life I have had to overcome huge fears of becoming an outcast for expressing myself authentically.


Stepping into my own power has been all about self-love – accepting myself 100 per cent, including my gifts as a channel and healer.


To be in our power and authentic, we need to fully accept ourselves and acknowledge our uniqueness.


And, as I write this, my guides are telling me that the more we accept our intuitive gifts, the more gifts will become available to us!

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Making choices based on external influences such as what other people think rather than our inner knowing weakens our self-power. It’s simply not authentic!


What other people think of you is none of your business, and what you are guessing they think about you is probably well off the mark!


Or perhaps you feel pressured to take a path you don’t truly want. It’s fairly common that people do trainings or studies that their parents want them to do, while their true leaning is towards something else.


Some people stay in loveless marriages because of conditioned beliefs from society or religious institutions. Meanwhile, they plunge themselves into bad health or depression because they are so out of alignment with their soul’s plan.


Inauthentic choices rarely stick and I see many clients who come to a crossroads of either staying in misery or taking the leap of faith and following their passion.


Make choices that are in alignment with your heart. Feel into your heart and follow its calling.


Our higher self already knows our life purpose or divine mission and gives us inner guidance, too. Listen to it!


Best of all, when following the greater plan for your soul, you come into a vibration of peace and contentment.


My Star Team would like to remind you that this life is for you to create. Co-creating with the divine is working together to manifest our heart’s desires (read my manifestation blog for more on this).


Co-creation often requires action on our part, and this is where the solar plexus is important – if this chakra is balanced you will have the confidence, motivation and willpower to take action.



When repeating the following affirmations, place your hands on your belly, over the solar plexus chakra. Feel the sensation here each time you say an affirmation.











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Merkaba Molly

Merkaba Molly is a Divine channel and spiritual teacher offering intuitive guidance, high frequency energy healing, intuitive life coaching and mentoring.