Merkaba Molly Spiritual Circle


$25 for 1 meeting
(Price in Australian dollars, payment via PayPal in your currency)

Live Zoom group meeting with Merkaba Molly. Each week we will relax, meditate and practice energy healing and intuitive development.


Merkaba Molly Spiritual Circle 

Payment for 1 class
(Price in Australian dollars; payment by PayPal in your currency)

I invite you to join my weekly spiritual circle online, which I host as support for those on the path of soul growth, intuitive development and spiritual ascension.

As a group we experience meditation, deep relaxation and intuitive development. My guides, the Star Team, asked me to hold this space and join us with supportive energy. My aim is to provide a safe and fun time for exploration of intuition and spiritual development. Beginners are most welcome.

Activities we cover include:

Relaxation & Meditation
– simple meditation that is easy to practice at home
– Yoga Nidra guided deep relaxation
– pranayama breathing techniques from yoga to relax and control movement of energy in body

Energy Work
– qi gong healing
– intuitive energy healing & angel healing
– clearing & shielding your energy

Intuitive Development
– learning how to connect and receive messages from guides, angels & higher dimensional lightbeings
– awakening to your intuitive gifts through a variety of practices such as automatic writing
– using tools such as oracle cards, pendulums and crystals

For more about my background, read about me.

Class Times
Class 1: Australia: Sydney 7pm-8.30pm Tuesday
UK: 10am-11.30am Tuesday

Class 2: Australia: Sydney 10am-11.30am Wednesday
US: 8pm-9:30pm EST / 5pm-6:30pm PST Tuesday

You will need the Zoom app on your device or computer.