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MANIFESTATION Vision Board Workshop

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Join us at this Zoom workshop – it will be a New Moon and the perfect time to make a wishlist of your heart’s desires.

A vision board is a great way to get clarity on what your heart truly wants and give you clear intention towards manifesting it.

Merkaba Molly will share how to make your vision board pop with intentional energy for effective results.

Create a better future for yourself that is in alignment with your higher self and divine life purpose.

Book an online psychic reading/intuitive guidance session with Merkaba Molly before the workshop and you will have even more clarity and motivation to manifest your dreams!

Vision Board Workshop

Create a vision board with intention to manifest

ONLINE Spiritual Circle

Wednesdays 7:30pm (Sydney time/AEST) on Zoom

This class offers teachings and support for soul growth, intuitive development and spiritual ascension.

I set out to provide a high vibration space with my guides, the Star Team, offering supportive energy.

Previous students have gained confidence in their own intuitive gifts and connection with source. This class has helped them trust their inner guidance and navigate life with a higher perspective.

Everyone has intuition that can be developed. Beginners are welcome!

Practices include:

Meditation: simple and easy to practice at home

Relaxation: Yoga Nidra guided relaxation

Pranayama: breathing to calm and manage energy

Qi Gong: Chinese energy healing

Angel Therapy: including clearing & shielding your energy

Intuitive Development: intuition, psychic gifts, channelling

Spiritual Circle

A space to develop yourself spiritually


  • I am so glad that I was able to join her recent classes on developing intuition, as it was also a space for healing and reconnecting to Source for me, which I am so grateful for.
  • Thank you so much for offering this guidance tonight Molly. I enjoyed the meditation and your insights.
  • I have to say thank you, I really enjoyed the spiritual outlook and meditation. Absolutely beautiful...