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Ascension Symptoms: Third Eye Activation

Early in October my Star Team advised me that my clairvoyant gifts would be boosted and suggested that I retreat (a la hermit) to support and nurture myself while this happened. I didn’t think of that message again until mid-October, when during several days I felt an odd sensation that was much like ants walking around on my scalp. I even checked if some insect had found its way into my hair – nope! It seemed like my hair was vibrating near the crown of my head, towards the back.

On the second occasion of this strange feeling, I asked my guides what was going on and immediately received the message that it was an activation of the third eye chakra. I also had shooting pain in my forehead for about a minute – it hurt so bad that I asked my guides to reduce whatever was happening and the pain quickly stopped. (I’d like to note here that back in 2011-2013 my third eye was like a throbbing heart – I could physically feel it. You may experience something like this at the beginning of your third eye activations.)


Exactly one week later I experienced vertigo – it came out of nowhere, all of a sudden – unfortunately I had just stepped out the door to take my dog for a walk. I felt very off-balance and walking was difficult (made even more challenging by my dog pulling me). If this happens to you – lie down and don’t move! If you’ve experienced ascension symptoms before, you learn to rest and let them happen – don’t feel guilty about lying down and doing nothing.


A few days later I was sitting at my desk, between client sessions, and instinctively raised my arms up towards the ceiling – I felt energy flowing down through my crown chakra. I noticed my breathing had become so easy and free, it was different and hard to describe – this was over within a minute. The next two days or so I had ringing in the ears – I would describe this like when you lose hearing in one ear for a very short time, say 30 seconds, and then hear full sound again. It can mean that your light body is shifting to a higher frequency.


A few of my friends also experienced these symptoms on the same days, which is so helpful for me, as we can share our stories and not feel alone. Please note, you may experience something like these experiences at any time – on your own or within a collective group – we receive both personal and collective ascension upgrades. Remember that your soul has a path of its own and everything unfolds at the right time. Spiritual ascension is happening in waves, meaning different groups of the collective go through stages at different times. My advice is just to be open to what is available to you.


Looking back over October, it was a busy time for me to take in light codes and upgrades. My physical body needed extra nurturing during this – sleeping more, resting often, drinking loads of filtered water and trying to eat appropriately (see my post about dietary guidance). I highly recommend Epsom salt baths for clearing your energy field and relaxing your body. I also found that doing a chakra balancing meditation daily really helped me to integrate the changes taking place.


Now that we are in November, you may ask have my clairvoyant gifts been boosted? Yes, in fact all of my gifts feel heightened now. Of course, I have been on this spiritual path for more than 20 years and can remember several periods when great leaps and bounds occurred in remembering my gifts. The past few years have been especially fruitful in this way, and I know that many people are discovering their spiritual side at a much fast rate than we used to.


I am here to support you on your spiritual path. My guidance and energy sessions are channelled from your spirit guides and higher dimensional beings, specific to your needs. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about what I do as a Divine channel and spiritual teacher.


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Merkaba Molly

Merkaba Molly is a spiritual medium and uses her gifts as an intuitive life coach, high frequency energy healer and spiritual teacher.